Monday, 30 June 2014

British Bishop Talks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth at Once - No surprises There Then.

Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark has clarified that a plea by the bishops for the rights of Catholics in polygamous civil unions should not be interpreted as a shift in the Church's position on the subject.

Archbishop Smith's intervention came after a bishops' conference statement was taken as being an endorsement of polygamous civil unions.

The bishops' statement, a submission to a government consultation, said existing polygamous civil unions should not be abolished or merged into polygamous marriages.

The bishops said: "Some polygamous Catholics do not wish to enter into civil polygamous marriages because of their deeply held belief that marriage is between two people only, but still wish to enjoy the legal rights that are contained in their polygamous civil unions. The removal of the option for polygamous people to enter into polygamous civil unions would cause great harm to polygamous Catholics and others."

The statement was signed by Archbishop Smith, the bishops' chairman of the department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship.

Archbishop Smith said that the statement "should not be misinterpreted as a wider commentary on polygamous civil unions in general".

There you have it: I bet you are all dead clear now on what the Church teaches about polygamous "marriages". The above is of course a spoof, what the bishop was really talking about was two men addicted to the unhealthy, unnatural depravity of using one another's lower bowel as a sex organ being given some sort of legal recognition. It is apparently now part of Christian Responsibility and Citizenship to assist those committed to a life of grave sin on their way to hell. Apparently, the idea that Christian Responsibility involved calling those so committed to repentance went down the tubes with Vat2. How about the rights of necrophiliacs to keep a licensed corpse in their house, or the rights of coprophiliacs to have access to the sewers? Why is it that only some sexual deviants have rights - our lefty bishops are not that inclusive it turns out after all?

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