Monday, 26 May 2014

We CAN break free from the shackles of Brussels

After 13 years as an MEP, Daniel Hannan's knowledge of the way Brussels works is second to none. Now he has written a forensic analysis of why it's rotten to the core. He argues that Britain must break with Brussels if its economy is to prosper again...

Every nation joins the European Union for its own reasons. The French saw an opportunity to enlarge their gloire, the Italians were sick of a corrupt and discredited political class.

The burghers of the Low Countries had had enough of being dragged into wars between their larger neighbours, and the former Communist states saw membership as an escape from Soviet domination.

One thing in common is that they all joined out of a sense of pessimism: that they couldn't succeed alone. MORE

Monday, 19 May 2014

A very sobering lecture on hell

A year ago, Quentin de la Bedoyere informed us via his blog that he did not believe in Hell.

I commented that, “… as Christ mentioned hell about ninety times, and Heaven only about twenty-seven times, it's such a pity you are not in a position to enlighten Our Lord with your theological insights - Is there no chance of putting Him on your blog's list of readers?.”

Quentin responded, “He is always free to join in but so far no sign.  If He did it might solve the mystery of why He never laughs or smiles.  Perhaps you have some ideas”.

It’s a mystery why modernist, whose central dogma appears to be that nothing is certain, are nonetheless quite certain about irrelevancies!  The gospels are about twenty minutes reading, but Christ lived for 33 years!  I'm sure that if I spent twenty minutes reading Quentin’s blog, there may be a few important dimensions of his life, not relevant to the articles, which were omitted - he might, for example, not mention his affection for his grandchildren.  Would that justify some bright spark 2,000 years from now, demanding to know why Quentin had no relationship with his grandchildren?

Nowhere do the gospels claim to be an exhaustive biography, as far as I'm aware.  Indeed, they do not even comprehensively cover the three years of Christ's public life.

For me hell as always seemed an ontological necessity.  If man is of his nature eternal, and if man has free will, it must be possible for man to die eternally estranged from God.  Are we really comfortable with the idea that Christ welcomed Hitler into eternity with the words, “Come, ye blessed of my Father, possess you the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”?

For a very sobering treatment of the doctrine of hell, click on the image below:


Monday, 12 May 2014

You May be a Secular Liberal

1 - If you believe that having black children adopted by white families may not be a good idea because the children will grow up in an incongruous situation that could cause problems in later life, but believe those who oppose the adoption of children by two men united by an addiction to sodomy are bigots.
You may be a secular liberal

2 - If you routinely assert that most people who disagree with you are bigots, yet equally regularly affirm that one should not be judgemental.
You may be a secular liberal

3 - If you believe that, asserting that anyone who holds that sodomy is unnatural, unhealthy or immoral, must be secretly suppressing similar secret proclivities themselves, constitutes a rational argument.
You may be a secular liberal

4 - If you believe that we should discourage children from smoking because it is unhealthy, but that we should not discourage children from adopting a homosexual death style notwithstanding the death toll from AIDs is 30,000,000 and still counting.
You may be a secular liberal

5 - If you believe the indiscriminate killing of innocent Jews by Hitler was an horrendous crime, but support the indiscriminate killing of innocent children in the womb by abortion.
You may be a secular liberal

6 - If you believe that a religion that was founded by a war lord and which has spent the last fourteen centuries expanding by conquest, which has also been in a permanent state of bloody civil war since its inception, and which provides some ninety per cent of the world's terrorists, is a religion of peace.
You may be a secular liberal

7 - If you believe that we must encourage widespread use of artificial contraception to avoid demographic disaster, but should also import millions of immigrants to keep our economy growing.
You may be a secular liberal

8 - If you believe that a white man who votes for a white presidential candidate because he is white, is a racist bigot, but a black man who votes for a black candidate just because he is black is a fine, decent, upright fellow.
You may be a secular liberal

9 - If you believe that the climate started to change in your lifetime.
You may be a secular liberal

11 - If you are aware of the fact that over ninety per cent of the victims of clerical sex abuse by Catholic priests are adolescent males, and you still believe the Church has a problem with paedophile priests.
You may be a secular liberal

12 - If you believe that a sexual pathology (homosexuality) that has given us over fifty per cent of the world's serial killers, nearly eighty percent of convicted child molesters, almost the entire officer core of the Nazi Storm Troopers and some twenty percent of the Nazi death camps most sadistic guards, is merely a harmless "orientation".
You may be a secular liberal

13 - If you believe that the 700 woman who every day in the UK have their child murdered by abortion suffer no lasting psychological negative effects, but believe the odd one or two who put their baby up for adoption must suffer life long regret.
You may be a secular liberal

14 - If you believe that governments can define what marriage is, but cannot define what cabbages or grass are.
You may be a secular liberal

15 - If you believe that Obama is right to exploit the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman (a man acquitted of his murder by a jury, which perversely failed to do its duty to ignore the evidence) to serve his own agenda, while completely ignoring the fact that in the decade between 2000 to 2010 blacks have killed 65,000 white Americans in the course of committing a crime.
You may be a secular liberal

16 - If you believe that executing a cold-blooded killer by lethal injection is a cruel and unusual punishment that should be banned, but support the right-to-die campaign for the elderly to be killed by lethal injections.  You may be a secular liberal.

If you find that having any of the square circles that comprise the doctrines of your secular "religion" pointed out to you makes you angry and start calling people names like "homophobic", "bigot", "judgemental," etc., rather than prompting you to re-evaluate your position, you're definitely a secular liberal - but don't worry about it, just settle down to enjoying life in the asylum - at least you'll have plenty of company, all those who get their religion from the BBC for starters.