Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Escaping the Liberal Mindset

I escaped from the liberal mindset, by the grace of God, at the age of about nineteen.  Since then, I have been verbally abused by liberals, with their faces contorted with unholy rage, on more occasions than I can count.  I have witnessed police having to hold back liberal mobs wanting to assault me or my colleagues on a dozen occasions.  I have had a bag of food thrown into my face on two occasions, and had my face spat in on one occasion.  I have been threatened with arrest for assault for merely lightly placing my hand on a near hysterical women’s forearm and gently assuring her that I was not her enemy - I merely disagreed with her.  I have had a bag of food thrown on the windscreen of my car.  I have had my bishop written to requesting that he forcefully silence me.  I receive more abusive emails than one can shake a stick at.  Mum and I have yet to complete an hour’s prayer vigil outside an abortuary without at least one complete stranger going out their way to abuse us.  Not once have I responded violently, not even verbally aggressively, to any of these outrages – indeed, I can honestly say that I have never experienced a temptation to do so.  Even when the middle aged liberal spat in my face, I merely smiled and responded, “That was a really first-rate argument sweetheart!” – I then said a Hail Mary privately for her sad liberal soul.

I’m afraid that I genuinely believe that the liberal mindset is a clear sign of mental, or perhaps more accurately spiritual, illness.  The liberal is a man who has enthroned his will where his intellect should be, consequently, when you challenge him you are not challenging his intellect but his will, and the will by definition is wilful.  Once you understand this, everything falls into place.  It explains why liberals as a class are so illiberal and so prone to anger and aggression.  It also explains their pathological hatred of science – unless of course they believe that it proves evolution to be true, and then they love it to bits, and will continue to do so even fifty years after it has been exposed as a scam.

A recent long email I received taking me to task for not supporting gay "marriage" is utterly typical of the genre.  A vast amount of wind and fury devoted to demonising the messenger, me, but no attempt to advance a single rational argument to explain the benefits to society that will accrue from institutionalising sodomy - an addiction to depravity that has unleashed the worst public health disaster since the Black Death, 30,000,000 dead so far and still counting.  Yet the same liberal mindset seeks to criminalise smokers at every opportunity on the premise that it is unhealthy!  Well, to be fair, no one, as far as I know, has every accused liberals of being consistent.

Very much a side issue, but interesting none the less: why, after a large “Right” wing demo in New York, can you eat your food of the pavement, while, after a similar size liberal demo, you need the 5th cavalry and an army of dumper trucks to clear up the mess?  I’m not sure what this tells us, but I’m certain it tells us something depressing about the liberal mindset.