Thursday, 19 July 2012


This article is shamelessly plagiarised from an article in the Remnant
 by one Father X.  I’ve abridged and adapted it for my blog readers.

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” declared Obama, and thus placed himself squarely at the head of a liberal racist lynch mob.  I had always regarded this silver-tongued man from nowhere as unfit for high office, but I never expected to be proved right quite so spectacularly.

The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland kept her subject busy painting all the white roses in her garden red because she had a pathological hatred of the colour white.  On the slightest or indeed no provocation, she would shout, “Off with his head!”  She believed in execution first - the trial could wait.  The Queen of Hearts would serve as a sort of poster girl for the masters of the universe who have run the secular asylum for the last two-hundred years.

Like the homicidal Freemasons and fellow travellers behind the destruction of Catholic order that was the French Revolution, whose cry too was, “Off with his head! - the trial can wait."  Jefferson, the arch-Mason, and one of the founding father of the USA, applauded this slaughter of the innocent because it was necessary to “water the tree of liberty.”  Nevertheless, like the rest of the leading Freemasons of his time, he never personally felt strongly enough about liberty to free his own slaves.  Today, the same masters of the universe are slaughtering unborn children on an industrial scale.  It appears that liberals abhor the holocaust because it was racist, i.e. discriminated against the Jews - the mass killing of the innocent part has never bothered them over much.

Trayvon Martin, the young black man to whom Obama was referring, was the juvenile tragically shot dead by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic neighbourhood watch volunteer.  Zimmerman’s area had recently suffered a wave of crime by hooded criminals, so Zimmerman was naturally concerned by the presence of the hooded Trayvon.  There appears to have been some sort of violent altercation between them and tragically Trayvon was shot and fatally wounded.  This is all we know; repeat: this is all we know.  Whether it was an act of justifiable self-defence, a cowardly unnecessary killing by a frightened little man, or deliberate cold-blooded homicide, we will not know until there has been a fair trial.

But the issue of guilt or innocence - or of trivia like a fair trial - do not concern left-wing racist lynch mobs.  So the media, including the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation, set about painting this as a white on black racially motivated hate crime, and once again laid bare the deep innate racism of the men who run the secular asylum.

One major network went so far as to edit the taped recording of the conversation between Zimmerman and the “999” operator, in order to beef up the evidence.  At one point the operator asked Zimmerman what colour the victim was.  Zimmerman replied, “Black.”  The network edited out the question so as to make it appear that Zimmerman volunteered this information unprompted, and thus strengthened their white-racist-killing-of-a-black-boy  slant on the story.  The same racist media has also again and again printed pictures of Trayvon at aged thirteen, rather than use more recent photos of him as a stocky seventeen-year old.

The third lie was to portray George Zimmerman as a white man.  In fact he looks Hispanic but is in reality mixed race.  So, desperate not to spoil their white-racist-kills-little-black-boy story, the media invented a new racial group; white-Hispanic.  When was the last time you heard the secular Left refer to Obama as a white-Black?

This racist lynch mob was led by all the usual suspects in the media in general and, in the UK, the BBC in particular.  Al Sharpton, a man who has made a comfortable living out of playing the race card, led the pack.  Jesse Jackson the self-appointed spokesman for the whole of Black America was hot on his heels.  They spearheaded a liberal lynch mob that is always ready to play the race card when the victim is black, but equally desperate not to play it when the victim is white.

Of special note was film director Spike Lee, a man who supposedly abhors violence, who irresponsibly - and hypocritically - tweeted Zimmerman’s address and thereby put Zimmerman’s life in danger.  Except he didn’t, because he got the address wrong and in so doing put an entirely innocent family in danger!   The Black Panthers put out a million dollar bounty, dead or alive, on George Zimmerman head.  This in any genuinely civilised country would have brought the full force of the law down on their heads, but in the liberals’ racist asylum it didn’t even raise audible criticism from the law enforcement agencies.

Contrast the frenzy of the left-wing racist lynch mob over the Trayvon killing with the virtual media blackout aground another young black man of about the same age, one Tyrone.  Tyrone is accused of breaking into the home of an elderly white couple, married sixty-five years.  The wife was eighty-five and nearly blind.  She was raped and then beaten to death by the burglar.  Her husband, a ninety-two year old World War II veteran, was shot in the face, then beaten and left for dead.

Presumably, this unspeakable crime doesn’t really qualify as a crime as far as the masters of the secular asylum are concerned because the victims were white and therefore of no service to their race-baiting agenda.  Racial unrest rooted in white against black crimes - real or fabricated - is what excites liberals.  It does not matter that black on black and black on white crimes exceed the number of white on black crimes many times over.  There is a parallel here with the Left’s homophile agenda.  A few years ago Mr Gay UK killed, dismembered and cooked a homosexual “friend” on his cooker.  Unless you were in the habit of regularly reading page 28 of the Bradford Gazette from top to bottom you could be excused for having missed that story completely.

If Zimmerman after a fair trail is found guilty of a cold-blooded racist killing, and Tyrone is also found guilty, I’d be happy to pay my own fair back from China to throw the switch on the electric chair for both of them.  But until proven guilty by a fair trail I'll suspend judgement.  But for the secular liberal race mob, it doesn’t matter a fig what actually happened between Zimmerman and Martin; guilt has been decided, the trial can wait - off with his head!

Oh, and by the way Mr Obama, that elderly white couple raped, beaten, shot and left for dead, would look just like my old mum and dad.