Thursday, 2 October 2014

"If this pack of wolves are prepared to turn on one of their own and savage a good fellow bishop like Patrick O'Donoghue, just imagine what they would do to a curate."

by: Graham Moorhouse

A few days ago, Catholics received the good news that Bishop Kieran Conry was now ex-Bishop Kieran Conry.  Most genuine Catholics, certainly in the circles I move, are enormously grateful to the Mail on Sunday for ridding us of this scumbag. 
“Scumbag!” I hear the pious cry, that is not Christ like language.  Oh no? – well Christ denounced a self-serving cartel within the Jewish Church of His own time as a “brood of vipers” and “sons of the Devil”.  By what strange yardstick is “sons of the Devil” deemed to be more polite than “scumbags”?  "But," the pious will object, "we are all sinners."  I agree, and I am far too venal a man to want to cast the first stone on account of his penchant for abusing his position of  authority to take advantage of vulnerable women. 

He is a scumbag because he is a card carrying member of the cartel of Modernists who have had their jackboots on the throat of the English Church for forty years, men who despise Catholicism with a diabolical zeal, loathe the faith of our forefathers, saints and martyrs, yet insist on living parasitically off the body of Christ, too drunk on their own pride to notice that they have staggered into the wrong church.
When I became a Catholic over sixty years ago there were 3,000,000 souls at Mass every Sunday and they were 99% orthodox.  Furthermore this number was growing significantly year on year.  Today, there are around 900,000 and this pitiful remnant, kept afloat by immigration, is shrinking as I write.  Furthermore, two thirds are heretics who would more accurately be described as Roman Protestants.  But the Church in this country did not wither on the vine, nor was it killed off by the laity, it was destroyed by this powerful clique within the episcopacy.  Like Pontius Pilate, they wash their hand and claim that this unprecedented collapse has nothing to do with them; it is all to do with cultural and societal changes outside their control.  Oh is it! - then pray explain why those parts of the Church that have adhered to tradition (like the SSPX), or have returned to tradition, are growing and flourishing.  If the Church was a state, these men would have been hung for treason long ago.
The pious will insist that we must pray for Kieran Conry; indeed we must, we must pray that he repents his unbelief, finds faith and saves his soul.  But while you are busy praying for Conry, spare a wee prayer for the legions of innocent victims of the cartel of faithless Modernists, of which Conry is but one.  Pray for the millions of children who have been callously robbed of their faith because these scumbags have ruthlessly prohibited the teaching of the Catholic faith in their schools.  Pray also for those adults and young people, who having been cruelly robbed of the Faith by this cartel, and thus of the Church and her sacraments, are in direct consequence in grave danger of losing their souls. 
And when you have finished praying for these innocent victims, pray for all the good Catholic teachers whose careers have been blighted or destroyed by the Modernism Enforcement Czars (MECs) employed by our bishops to do their dirty work.   Pray, for example, for the excellent young man whose career was destroyed  because he mentioned the name of Jesus in a class.  This was deemed by the MECs as offensive to the Muslims in the class; notwithstanding that no Muslim complained and the Koran actually mentions Jesus approvingly many more times than it mentions Mohammed.  Then pray for the young teacher disciplined by the MECs because, in answer to a direct question from a pupil, he responded that he believed children faired best with a mother and father at home.  And then spare a prayer for the excellent young teachers who was left destitute with a young wife, a baby and a mortgage to support for the high crime of saying the rosary in the school chapel during Lent.  These are just three examples plucked from the scores of letters we have on file.  If we merely pray for one scumbag who has fallen from grace, and ignore the millions of innocent victims, we are hypocrits.
The tragic fact is that we have a mere handful of good Catholic bishops in England, men like Mark Davies of Shrewsbury and Philip Egan of Portsmouth, and two or three others, the rest are members of a cartel of Modernists, and the current Godfather of this gang, Mr Fix-it himself, is Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor.  Men are elevated to sees in this country if they are members of this clique; it’s who you know rather than whether you are a good shepherd - or indeed even a Catholic - that lands you the plum jobs in the English Church, and has done so for the last forty years.
These men live in pleasant and sometimes opulent homes, have their every need catered for by an army of servants, drive around in chauffeur driven cars, bask in the accolades of the faithful and that of a clueless sycophantic Catholic press, and retire on comfortable pensions - all paid for by the widow’s mite.  Yet these faithless scumbags loath the faith of our fathers with an intensity that is clearly diabolical, and they persecute the faithful remnant and any priest brave enough to minister to its spiritual needs.
Catholics would love nothing more than to be able to admire their bishops and revere them as successors of the Apostles; instead, whenever they appear in public, we are reduced to cringing, wondering which teaching of our Church they are going to sell out on this time to appease the secular Zeitgeists.  "Pastoral" is the mealy mouth word these men favour to try and put a positive spin on their serial betrayals.
These hypocrites defend the right of the followers of every crack-pot religion under the sun to publicly practise their faith (endlessly citing Dignitatis Humanae, the controversial Vat 11 document on religious freedom - which seemingly for these men carries more weight than sacred scripture) to justify this tolerance, yet openly persecute those fellow Catholics who refuse to abandon or have returned to the orthodoxy and orthopraxis of our forefathers, saints and martyrs; as witness the recent orgy of wanton vandalism at Blackfen.  The same prelates who shamelessly persecute the faithful remnant, regularly give public scandal by handing out Communion to rampant pro-abort politicians like sweets, men collectively responsible for the deaths of more innocent people than the Nazis.
Most evil of all, this cartel of Modernists, have, with malice and intent, cruelly robbed our children and our grandchildren of their faith by ruthlessly enforcing their corrupt Modernist agenda in the schools built by our forefathers.  Only three per cent of children leaving their schools practice the faith, as against eighty per cent before this Modernist mafia hijack our English sees.  Indeed, a child has a better chance of practicing his faith on leaving school if he goes to a state school than to one of their so-called Catholic schools.  When Bishop Patrick O'Donaghue of Lancaster (now retired) sought to return his schools to teaching the faith well he was so taken back by the hostility towards him from this brood of vipers, that he exclaimed to a good friend of mine., "I never dreamt for a moment they would be so hostile." - poor, good, naive man.
Conry himself was your typical bog-standard one dimensional Modernist, forever poised, as befits the genre, between a banality and a sell-out; his entire reading seemingly consisting of that compendium of Modernist errors, the Pill (aka the Tablet).  The priests of Arundel and Brighton didn't want Kieran Conry in the first place, but he was forced upon them by Mr Fix-it, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor (a man whose vanity cannot resist boasting of his clout in Rome).  One can only imagine the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing going on to ensure that another of his chums got this plum job.
Curates in Arundel and Brighton, behind closed doors, would joke about their bishop having a nice wife,  Indeed even laymen like Rod Pead, the editor of Christian Order, knew and published this information over a decade ago?  Further, Daphne McLeod, then chairman of Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, wrote to the Apostolic Nuncio over twelve years ago drawing his attention to this issue.  So when men like Cardinal Vincent Nicholls and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Conner claim they didn't know, they are either utterly incompetent or lying.
There is a certain deja vu in this story.  When Rodney of the Isles was discovered to have a couple of women in tow, Cardinal Winning appeared on primetime television wringing his hands and crying crocodile tears to tell the world how shocked and let down he felt, plus the usual bromides about praying for all concerned.  It eventually transpires that Winning had known all about it for at least four years!  Rodney's housekeeper had sought a meeting with Winning four years earlier and told him what was going on and even presented him with the smoking gun, copies of love letters she had stumbled on when clearing out Rodney's trash.
Genuine Catholics loath these men because they are imposters, they are not Catholics, they despise our Faith, and clearly, blinded by their own pride, have nothing but contempt for our intellects – as witness their utterly unbelievable protestation of ignorance about the hanky-panky of their ecclesial club chum, Kieran Conry.
To add insult to injury, Conry announced he hadn't done anything illegal (by which he meant that he hadn't sexually molested any children) and added that he didn't believe he was a bad bishop.  That is a measure of how low this Modernists clan has dragged the Church: the measure now of a good bishop is someone who hasn't raped little girls or sodomised little boys!
But watch this space: there is no doubt that Conry chums in the episcopacy, once the dust has settled, will find him, if he wants, a nice little job somewhere out of the limelight, comfortably remunerated, and paid for by the widow's mite whose faith they never cease to despise and betray at every opportunity.
Thank God, at last  the laity are beginning at last to wake up to the machinations of this brood of vipers.  There are also hundreds of priests, if not thousands, who agree with me, but they will not publicly speak out for fear of reprisals at the hand of this Modernist cartel who have the power to ruin their careers and are vicious enough not to hesitate to do so.  If this pack of wolves are prepared to turn on one of their own and savage a good fellow bishop like Patrick O'Donoghue, just imagine what they would do to a curate.


  1. so what if the leaders of the Catholic church commit mistakes so be it they are just human.Knowing there is God and having the faith is a blessing for not everyone is given this kind of precious gift.