Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Just the sort of man Catholic parents would want invited to address their children ... not

During the reign of Pope Benedict XVI, Fr Timothy Radcliffe was barred from speaking at the General Assembly of the Catholic development agencies, yet this notorious dissenter, has bizarrely been chosen to be one of the keynote speakers at, of all things, a Catholic Youth event  to take place on the 7th March.

Fr Radcliffe publicly dissents from the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and Holy Communion for the divorced and re-married, and frequently celebrated the Masses organised by the Soho Masses Pastoral Council for the "Catholic" wing of the militant homofascist collective.  Fr Radcliffe is well known for his rebel positions on morality; writing about homosexuality, he opined:
"We cannot begin with the question of whether it [he must presumably be referring to sodomy here!] is permitted or forbidden!  We must ask what it means, and how far it is Eucharistic [i.e. how far can sodomy be considered Eucharistic!].  Certainly it can be generous, vulnerable, tender, mutual and non-violent.  So in many ways, I would think that it can be expressive of Christ’s self-gift."
This statement is typical of the sort of low-ball dissenters bowl in the hope that it will slip under your bat.  All arguments have a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion.  If either premise is factually wrong then clearly the conclusion falls.  The major premise here is "We cannot begin with the question of whether it [sodomy] is permitted or forbidden!"  The obvious response, which Radcliffe hopes you are not bright enough to spot, is "Why on earth not?  If someone is indulging in an unnatural, unhealthy act, that over ninety percent of the world's population regards as depraved, of course we can begin with the question of whether it is right or wrong!"  Indeed, it should be blindingly obvious to anyone with more than one brain cell that this is precisely the first question that we should be asking.  It is interesting to note that pedophiles use exactly the same argument to promote their personal preferred deviancy as Radcliffe uses above for homosexuality.

I have recently been reliably informed that the man responsible for inviting this awful priest to talk to our young people is Fr Dominic Howarth.  Fr Howarth can be contacted on 0126-828-1732 or emailed at  Contact him and ask him politely what his motive is for inviting such a notorious dissenter to address Catholic youth.

Radcliffe spoke at a conference in Dublin in 2014.  Some young Catholics voiced their objection to his presence by reciting the Rosary and were unceremoniously ejected from the hall.  There is, however, some good news: this conference is an annual event, but in 2014 the attendance was down about 50% from the norm - it appears that young Catholics are growing weary of this tedious claptrap from these elderly dissenters.

There is also evidence of growing resistance from Catholic youth groups in the UK to this invitation, but there is no doubt that men like Fr Howarth and the rest of the bishops' Modernism enforcement czars will be using their usual strong-arm tactics on the leaders of these groups in an attempt to intimidate them into turning up.  One can only pray that some of them at least will have the integrity and courage to resist. 

I have no doubt that when challenged, Fr Howarth, like the rest of his ilk, will resort to insults: such as denouncing anyone who challenges him as right-wing (whatever that means) or suggest that you are suffering from a fictional illness, homophobia; a word invented by Fascists and used by cowards to intimidate morons - and which is as silly as calling someone who opposes the promotion of bestiality a pet-phobic.

Timothy Radcliffe
Dominic Howarth

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