Friday, 27 January 2012


Someone by the name of Anita de Lacey wrote to the Catholic Herald last November bewailing the fact that the Nicene Creed states “For us men”, as it appeared to her, or so she avers, that women have been excluded!
Man-eating (sorry -
person-eating) shark
Someone once wrote that the oddest thing about Hitler was not that he was mad, yet millions followed him, but that he was obviously mad and yet still millions followed him.  Similarly, what strikes me about such letters, is not that they are crackpot (in a world of seven billion, we must expect that a few will write daft letters) but that they are so obviously crackpot, and yet the Catholic Press still publishes them!
Given the obvious cerebrally challenged status of most of our post-Conciliar English bishops, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that some of them have flirted with this nonsense.  Notably, David Konstant held up the publication of the Catechisms of the Catholic Church while he attempted to rewrite it in Fem-speak.  He would have had Our Lord saying “People do not live by bread alone,” - presumably because he believed that women reading “Man does not live by bread alone,” might labour under the delusion that women could - which suggest that the bishop didn’t have much respect for the intelligence of most women (to learn more, follow this link: HERE).  Unusually, on this occasion, mercifully Rome came to the rescue of England’s long suffering Catholic remnant.

I suggest that the day when Ms de Lacey is torn to shreds after she leaps into shark infested water because she didn’t realise that women were on the menu of man-eating sharks, will be soon enough to start worrying about this sort of patent drivel.

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